Joel Futterman - Possibilities

Donald Elfman, AllAboutJazz

The improvisations that go farthest afield, yet stay focused and centered in their development, come
in Joel Futterman's Possibilities.
This nearly 80-minute"free improvisation" – divided into 7 parts – emerges as an organic coherent whole. The piano is a sound environment from which grow frameworks for sonic and growth potential. These are spontaneously created and new themes find their way out into the open – often from chaos.
It's universes being brought into being from what has literally come before.
Prepared to be dazzled in the 21-minute take on the blues – Part 3 – transformed into what feels like an
Ellington sound poem. Then, through ear-wrenching sound explosions, breathtaking runs, monolithic
clusters and, yes, a kaleidoscopic sense of fun and adventure, Futterman finds his way back to a world
that sort of sounds like where it started, but is, in fact, utterly changed.
Part 4 finds the artist inside and outside the piano, the two places in essence blending to make yet another way to look at the black and white keys.
You never quite know where you're headed but by the end you most certainly know you've been somewhere that you've not been before.

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