Didier Lasserre Trio - Live at l'Atelier Tampon

Stef Gjissels, Free Jazz

Live at l'Atelier Tampon brings us a trio consisting of Didier Lasserre on drums, Sylvain Guérineau on alto, Jean Rougier on bass and reed flutes. The performance is built up of four long tracks of free improvisations by these three excellent musicians. The music is warmer than Bennani's, more jazzy in its overall sound, yet as free as it gets. Yet despite the tracks are only half as long as on Bennani's, there is also a little less focus in the improvisations, despite the intensity and the adventurousness. The best track is 18 minute long "La Tregua", on which Guérineau's playing is quite emotional and the overall progress of the trio's interaction more coherent. The sound quality is not superb, it all sounds as if you're listening from a distance, but the enthusiasm of the small audience, their spontaneous reactions and applause make up for it. A nice performance.

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