Bergström, Nyberg & Åstrand-Melin - Correction

Grego Edwards, gapplegatemusicreview

One thing I am learning in my ongoing survey of Ayler Records' Download Series, that's how much is going on in Europe these days. Not that I didn't already have some idea, but Ayler manages to unearth a host of previously unknown players (to me), many of them quite interesting.

The young piano trio Correction (Sebastian Bergstrom, Joacim Nyberg & Emil Astrand-Melin) is a good example.

Their self-titled CD shows them swinging in an out manner, playing musical bean bags with phrases, and taking unaccompanied solo spots. They don't show any obvious influences, and that is saying something. What they do show is a spirit of exploration that gives their program the immediacy of the unexpected.

If you like the advanced piano trio improv format, I think you'll find this one to your taste. I hear there's a new one coming out soon. That's a good thing.