Luther Thomas - Finally! Total Unity in 3 Phases

Tom Sekowski, Gaz-Eta

On his website, rebel alto player Luther Thomas says "Musicians want to play all the time, we can live all over the world. The battlefront is everywhere, and we are on the frontline. We are like NATO, but it's not a weapon it's an instrument, it's all about love. We're ready to go, have a ticket, have a gig, have horn, will travel."
With his weapon firmly in hand, he unleashes a record that outlines his firm belief that improvisational unity can be possible.

With a line up that features Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut on guitars, amplifier and drums, Ed Chang on computer, home made reeds and tenor, along with Motoko Shimizu on toys, recorder and voice, we are officially ready for an inter-galactic blast off.

Even though each member of the quartet gets shared writing credits, this is as improvised as it comes. While Thomas attacks full-front center with tsunami waves of alto, Shimizu plays around with various toys and gadgets and Shurdut shines with crazy percussive work [he's especially heavy on the cymbals, which gives the music a shimmering layer].

Some feedback is evident in sections as Shurdut puts his guitar through some hoops. The electronic faction of the record is quite heavy, which allows for an interesting mix of the human and non-human instrumentation. Chang's mastery on his laptop twists the pictures into skewed images of themselves. Finally, we get an exhaustingly wild and abandoned ride.


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