Michal Osowski Collective - Live at White Elephant

Tom Sekowski, Gaz-Eta

In the liner notes to the download-only CD, Michal Kostrzewa states: "Improvisation is a bearer of truth, which, as the contradiction of falsehood, is an emblem of positive thinking? We observe emerged product in galleries, we listen to on concerts or pass by on the streets. Art is born in sensitive minds and it is gotten back into such – everything else is just labour. Some enjoy it, others can't bear and others don't care about."
Orchestrating the whole collective, Osowski looks after electronics, which tend to be swift, direct and splice through finite space. Daisuke Terauchi and Tamaho Miyake supply growling, alien-like vocals that are drawn out for long sections. Rhythm section – bassist Goncalo De Almeida and percussionist Wieland Moeller – are especially effective in bringing others into marching formation.
Personally, I enjoy more minimal number, such as "Resonant" where sounds fall into place more naturally, where timbers are more delicate and sonorities more kind.
Very strong effort from Osowski, whom I'm sure will throw more offerings our way soon.

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