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Spring Roll | Printemps - Transcriptions & Translations

Transcriptions and/or translations of Julien Boudard's text, Xavier Papaïs' conference excerpts and
poems by Bashô, William Shakespeare and Robert Walser that you can hear in Printemps and Spring Roll,
are available for download below.

> Julien Boudard's text (read by Aalam Wassef) in Printemps - English

> Xavier Papaïs' conference excerpts in Printemps - English

> Bashô, Shakespeare and Robert Walser's poems in Spring Roll - English

> Julien Boudard's text (read by Aalam Wassef) in Printemps - French

> Xavier Papaïs' conference excerpts in Printemps - French

> Bashô, Shakespeare and Robert Walser's poems in Spring Roll - French

Very special thanks to Françoise Hélary, Elizabeth Rowley-Jolivet, Aalam Wassef and Julien Boudart
for their invaluable help in compiling, checking and proofreading these.


[ Originally posted on September 9th, 2015 - Still valid at the time of latest update ; February 21st, 2021 ]

I'm sincerely sorry to bother you with that kind of things, but... Sure I could go to indiegogo, kisskissbankbank (or else) and try my luck, however I’m in a hurry to announce that the label is desperately in need of direct (website) orders. For the first time in years, the accounting shows that we'll soon be out-of-business, whatever way we're looking at it. And you know what? Only half of you all faithful followers (here on the website mailing list, on facebook or on twitter) ordering a single release (although multiple-title orders are welcome too...) could make a huge difference and ensure that the releases I've got in preparation are not doomed before they can be brought to completion.

In relation with the above message, I hereby solemnly declare that I, Stéphane Berland (just like my beloved predecessor Jan Ström) never ever took a cent from the activity and revenue of the label (having managed to provide food and shelter to my multi-species family using other means to ‘make a living’ for us), all of it having systematically been used to fund the next release, one after the other. Just to make sure you can't think I'm funding a pool or car or bowl of cat food.

Thanks for your time reading my plea.
And many thanks to the (too) few (unfortunately) of you who already treated us with their orders these past months and weeks.


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[Latest EDIT: February 21st, 2021]

This year started with a bang with two releases over the first two months, namely *Neigen* by the quartet of Jean-Luc Cappozzo (trumpet, flugelhorn, objects), Daunik Lazro (tenor & baritone saxophones), Michael Nick (acoustic violin & electro-acoustic octave violin) and Nicolas Souchal (trumpet, flugelhorn), followed by ** by the trio of Bapstiste Boiron (composition + soprano, alto & tenor saxophones), Bruno Chevillon (double bass) and Frédéric Gastard (bass saxophone), both recorded in the course of 2020.

Coming next and in their final stages of 'production/development' are two recordings, the first of which is titled *Nights Enter* and involves my long time friend and collaborator Dennis González with his Ataraxia Trio, comprised of himself (treated C trumpet, percussion & conch shell), Drew Phelps (electric & acoustic bass) and Jagath Lakpriya (tabla & djembe) + two guests: Jess Garland (harp) and Derek Rogers (Moog). The other is the duo of Sophie Bernado (bassoon & voice) and Céline Grangey (sound design & real-time electronics) with their *Lila Bazooka*. Both are scheduled for release before summer.

Stay tuned. A couple more are on their way, but I'll write about them later.

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