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Killing Spree - "Boko Boko Tour" (aylCD-160)

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Boko Boko Tour - CD cover art

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Three years after the release of their debut album (aylCD-143) on Ayler Records, the 'avant-jazz-metal' Killing Spree trio of Matthieu Metzger, Grégoire Galichet and Sylvain Daniel embarked for a tour around Japan.
It seemed a good idea to record some of the dates and offer you the opportunity to experience the power and intensity that the trio carries on stage, and shade new light on the band’s compositions and improvisations.

Thus, here it is: a live recording of the band’s repertoire. Enjoy!

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Scott Fields Ensemble - "Barclay" (aylCD-159)

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Barclay - CD cover art

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An innovative approach to word painting and a care for the rhythm of the words is evident on this third installment in the “Beckett trilogy” of albums by the Scott Fields Ensemble, following 'Beckett' (2007) and 'Samuel' (2009). In Barclay (2018), Fields approaches a new batch of Beckett plays seeking structure for his compositions and the guitarist / composer further succeeds in maintaining the repetition and character of the original texts, while at the same time never uttering a word – this is instrumental music.     [...]     A welcome and long-anticipated encore from the Scott Fields Ensemble.

(from Dr. John McGrath's liner notes)

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Bernado/Rinaudo/Mayot - "Ikui Doki" (aylCD-158)

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Ikui Doki - CD cover art

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A trio of chamber jazz who pays tribute to modern music, Ikui Doki is in search of ecstatic landscapes through refined harmonic frames in which everything becomes sound.
Passionate about creation and articulation, between writing and improvisation, the three musicians in Ikui Doki offer a repertoire of collective compositions inspired by early 20th Century's French music; a delicate mix of free jazz and jazz aesthetics, with shimmering tones of their renowned predecessors.
In an unprecedented audacious interpretation, Ikui Doki summons the legendary figures of French music, shattering the usual frames of this repertoire. Improbable, would you think? Not with Ikui Doki!

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Cécile Cappozzo Trio - "Sub rosa" (aylCD-153)

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Sub rosa - CD cover art

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The three musicians (plus one, and not the least: Jean-Luc Cappozzo!) have very precisely placed this recording under the call of the "duende" and Federico Garcia Lorca. They could have in parallel invoked Maurice Ravel who said about his Bolero: "I did exactly what I wanted to do, and for the listeners, take it or leave it !".

In these musical times leading frequently to an apotheosis of the insignificant, the space of freedom offered with such determination and so much investment by Cécile Cappozzo, Patrice Grente, Etienne Ziemniak and their guest open spontaneously towards territories of sound with a radiant freshness.

Bernard Aimé, September 2018



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