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Eric Brochard & Fabrice Favriou - "Derviche" (aylCD-165)

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« The ritualistic form… creates fear, for example, by creating an imaginative, often mythological experience which, by containing its own logic within itself, has no reference to any specific time or place, and is forever valid for all time and place…
Above all, the ritualistic form treats the human being not as the source of the dramatic action, but as a somewhat depersonalized element in a dramatic whole. »
Maya Deren (in An anagram of ideas on art, form and film, 1946)

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Frederick Galiay - "Time Elleipsis" (aylCD-161)

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In the fall of 2016, Frederick Galiay was a laureate for a "Hors les murs" residency program initiated by the French Institute. This residency took place in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.
It was about immersion in the heart of millennial ceremonies of Theravada Buddhism as well as in animist celebrations practiced by people of varied ethnicities present.
The composed work, Time Elleipsis, for six musicians, invents a poetic link between the mystical expressions of these regions and the resolutely contemporary compositional language used.
Recorded during the summer of 2019, this version follows a dozen concerts where the sextet, as electric as it is electrifying, was able to refine its interpretation of the piece before entering the studio.

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Bernado/Rinaudo/Mayot - "Ikui Doki" (aylCD-158)

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A trio of chamber jazz who pays tribute to modern music, Ikui Doki is in search of ecstatic landscapes through refined harmonic frames in which everything becomes sound.
Passionate about creation and articulation, between writing and improvisation, the three musicians in Ikui Doki offer a repertoire of collective compositions inspired by early 20th Century's French music; a delicate mix of free jazz and jazz aesthetics, with shimmering tones of their renowned predecessors.
In an unprecedented audacious interpretation, Ikui Doki summons the legendary figures of French music, shattering the usual frames of this repertoire. Improbable, would you think? Not with Ikui Doki!

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