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[Latest EDIT: July 25th, 2016]

2016 schedule was very quickly written down (...), with four releases planned, and three released so far.

Sarah Murcia's Never Mind the Future in the course of February. details & excerpts here

Joëlle Léandre Tentet’s Can You Hear Me? in the course of April. details & excerpts here

July sees the release of Michel Blanc's Le Miroir des Ondesdetails & excerpts here

Currently 'in production/development' for possible late 2016/early 2017 releases are:
- A set by the "Ligne de Crêtes" trio of Jean-Brice Godet (clarinets, tape 'dictaphones', radio) with Pascal Niggenkemper (double bass, preparations, objects) and Sylvain Darrifourcq (drums, percussion, zither), recorded live in March 2016 in Paris.
- Daunik Lazro (baritone and tenor saxophones), Jean-Luc Cappozzo (trumpet, horns, objects) and Didier Lasserre (drums, percussion), recorded in various duo and trio settings over 2 days in June 2016.

As for other projects, further along the way, they will maybe never happen if sales remain as low as they have been the last two years. But could... and will then involve Heddy Boubaker (previously of the Zed Trio), Kamilya Jubran (singer and oud player, teamed with Sarah Murcia and the 'IXI' string trio of Guillaume Roy, Régis Huby and Atsushi Sakai), Marc Ducret (for new 'adventures' together), etc.

Stay tuned.

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