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[Latest EDIT: November 5th, 2017]

2017 was one of the slowest years for the label, with only two new releases [ namely *Garden(s)* and *BambĂș* - see catalog for details ], both available since last summer.

Currently 'in production/development' for possible 2018 releases are a handful of recent or future recordings involving Christophe Monniot as composer along with Le Grand Orchestre du Tricot, drummer Peter Bruun in a quartet setting, the trio of Sophie Bernado, Hugues Mayot and Rafaelle Rinaudo "Ikui Doki", the duo of Valentin Ceccaldi and David Chevallier, and Marc Ducret (for new 'adventures' together).

Who knows what'll really happen in the end. Stay tuned.

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