Thieke, Griener & Weber - Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse

Mike Szajewski, WNUR

This Ayler release features a trio of three relatively young European players who improvise wonderfully together on a series of shorter pieces, ranging from minimalist to rather intense. Although the album is rather short, clocking in at under 40 minutes total, the trio mixes up the feels from track to track while remaining satisfyingly free throughout. Most remarkable about this album is the fact that Thieke, Weber, and Griener are reliable in their ability to anticipate each others playing and build off of that, particularly between Weber and Griener on the busier tracks. Despite their relatively short discographies, all three have had experience playing with a variety of stalwarts: Thieke with Axel Dorner and Steve Lacy, Weber with Charles Gayle, Evan Parker and Elliot Sharpe, and Griener with players ranging from Tal Farlow and Mal Waldron to Alexander von Schlippenbach and Dave Liebman.