Belogenis, Downs & Morris - The Flow

Henrik Kaldahl, Jazznet

New trio’s first release on the great Ayler Records, a record company with numerous incredible releases in their back catalogue.

This trio, just called Belogenis/Downs/Morris, recorded these two numbers with a total time of just about 46 minutes on the 29. of january 2004 at the CBGB gallery in New York City.

They were on this very exciting occasion Joe Morris on bass, Louie Belogenis on tenor saxophone and Charles Downs on drums. This trio plays incredible tight and very skillfull, following each others travels into the dangerous and extreme world of improvisation, just like they could sense which way their fellow musicians where going to go. These three free players are really on their toes, at all times and the result is nothing less than jawdropping and magnificent.

This is free jazz as it was supposed to be – free minded, telephatic, improvised and very well played. How Jan Ström and Ayler Records manage to find these amazing bands, playing music with such nerve and intensity is beyond my understanding. Lucky for us free jazz lovers around the world, Ström and company continue, on their apparently never ending quest to find this amazing music and bring it to the hungry masses. For me a Ayler Records release has always been equal, with high quality recordings and exiciting bands playing their asses off - this release follows in that track and does not disapoint in any way, shape or form what so ever. The only way you can get your fingers, on this new release are directly through the Ayler Records Download section on their homepage – so what are you waiting for ??? Get on the free jazz train and take a trip on the information highway in cyberspace.

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